A collaborative approach to building bids.

Bids is a leightweight budgeting tool aimed at providing transparency and
teamwork to the bidding process for law firms.

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Collaboratively build your bids.

Bids is a cloud based application that allows the entire team on a matter to add new resources and expenses. This enables the experts for different issues to provide their estimates. No more guess work on the part of pricing or lead partners on a matter.

Reference past bids to increase accuracy.

All of your bids live in the system, until you delete them. Leverage previous budgets to provide a starting point for your team. Use bids that you’ve created for a specific client or for similar matters to create the most relevant benchmarks.

Transparent data across your team.

With multi-user capability, Bids allows your team to view and edit a budget in real time. No more emailing spreadsheets around to different stakeholders, or sitting on the phone for hours with colleagues to build your bid in a siloed spreadsheet.

Understand how your bid effects profitability.

It’s not only the of pricing managers to ensure matters are profitable to the firm. In fact, partners should care most about whether they are not only winning work, but winning profitable work. Bids provides insight into profitablity and allows partners and pricing managers alike to visualize profit against new bids.


While in Beta, this product is FREE. Completely free. Our goal is to have your firm use it, provide feedback, and allow us to improve the experience and value of the product.

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